Christmas in Österlen

We just spent our first Christmas in our new house in Österlen on the southern tip of Sweden. The house may be new to us but it actually celebrates its 100 year anniversary this year. It used to be a small country farm with pigs, cows, chicken and all.

I have been able to work in my newly built art studio inside the barn for a few months by now.

Here’s what it looked like in June (the first image) and at Christmas (the second image):

There’s still a lot to organize and improve, but it works.

My aim right now is set on the show on Easter (March 29-april 7, 2024), as a part of the traditional yearly local happening “Påskrundan” where artists all around invite people into their studios and galleries.

But this means that there is LOTS of work to be done in order for this to happen. Not just painting and framing – there’s also a big space next to the studio that we´ll try to turn into a rough gallery.

Since this summer, I’ve been working on what is becoming a suite of oil paintings with open landscapes, where the shifting lights and big skies around here play main characters. You can see one of them at the top of this post, a small piece on panel named “Twilight Biker” (we spent a few summer evenings cycling around the neighbourhood).

I’ve always felt a special connection to this open, beautiful landscape as I spent a lot of time in it growing up a few Swedish miles up the coast. I was mostly out in the fields in the summers, and in my memories they carry a strong sense of magic. Once we finally moved here, this was a natural motif to begin with.

I wish you a fantastic 2024!

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