Back to Österlen

We had been toying with the idea to live surrounded by this vast sky and beautiful landscape forever. Finally, we took the step and moved here efter 30+ years living near the capital, back to the southernmost landscape where I grew up. Nobody gets any younger and it was a case of now or never, an old dream that did not go away and wanted to be lived.

Österlen has attracted artists, creatives and viveurs from the whole country and beyond for a long time. Not least from Stockholm.

And here we are, more of the same, jammed between a vineyard and an art museum. And yes, there’s indeed sky all around.

(The photo was taken this summer when visiting one of the most beautiful nearby beaches, Knäbäckshusen).

Before even moving in, I set out to build a new studio and found a local construction company. And after this rather big building project running for several months, it’s finished. There’s still a lot to do but it’s functional and I’m using it.

I plan to show some pictures of my fantastic new studio and the making of it soon, even though it’s still a bit of a mess.

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